GIWA Guidelines

GIWA Guidelines for Submitting Award Entries

You will find the procedure and rules for submitting your entries for the GIWA Awards 2020 in this section. If you have any additional questions or require any clarifications regarding the entry submission process or awards evaluation process, please email at or call on 9001799999 / or call on 8447639393

  • Entries for the wedding produced in the year 19 – 20 i.e. 01 April 2019 – 31 March 2020 are eligible for being an entry
  • The fee for EACH entry is Rs.2950/- inclusive of 18% Tax as per the government regulations at the time of payment.
  • Applications for GIWA Awards 2020 have to be done online at - Kindly follow the registration process to sign up and create your account before starting the procedure of entries submission.
  • More than one entry in an award category by a single company is permitted.
  • If multiple partners apply for the same wedding , then they should agree amongst themselves who would be the rightful owner of the wedding. The awards management or any of its partners will not be involved in deciding the same.
  • All fields in the WEDDING INFORMATION FORM and CLIENT INFORMATION FORM need to be completed. Incomplete forms will not be considered.
  • If you are applying in multiple categories, you can make an aggregate payment for the multiple nominations online.
  • Payment for all entries will be online – accordingly your invoice and receipt will also be generated.
  • Please note that the ICWF registered Delegates entries will only qualify. In case the delegate fee is not paid then the entry will be disqualified and no refund will be made.

  • Each award entry you submit must:
  • Have a A3 size storyboard to be uploaded (soft copy format - .jpg,.jpeg format supported). It should consists of write up & photographs.( should be max. 20MB )
  • For the write up, following are the details should be mentioned Executive Summary, Requirement by the client/Brief Background Concept/Idea Suggested, Details of Execution/Challenges in execution and Details of results achieved.
  • The Story Board should have the wedding dates & GIWA category name and code mentioned.
  • The AV film presentation should be uploaded wherever mandatory. Refer to the AV requirements section to confirm whether an AV is mandatory or optional for your relevant award category. The AV for your entry must not exceed 3 minutes & not exceed 100MB.
  • Kindly note: Award entries where the AV submission is not mandatory may still be accompanied by an AV if the agency chooses to do so.
  • Ensure that the name of the wedding agency should NOT appear anywhere in the award entry and collaterals (Storyboard, AV film presentation, anywhere else on the entry). Not adhering to this could lead to disqualification.
  • Also please note that the owner and the key staff of the agency should also not feature in any portion of the entry. This is most critical; any non-adherence to this will result in disqualification of the entry.

  • We recommend that you also save a copy of your submitted forms with you for your records.
  • Completed entries should be submitted by the end of the day on 15th October, 2020.

  • The CLIENT APPROVAL PROCESS for the entries will be through the following process:
  • For each entry, the applicants will provide the details of the client (name, designation, company name & e-mail id).
  • Once you submit your client details for the respective entry, an automated mail will be sent to the client asking for approval for the particular entry.
  • The mail sent to the client will be marked to the primary agency contact person.
  • The client will be asked to reply to that mail only whether they approve the entry or not. This reply will be considered as the requisite client approval for the entry.
  • Applicants are advised to inform their clients beforehand about the receipt of these mails so that they reply at the earliest.
  • They can reply as and when they receive the mail. For each entry, a separate approval mail will be sent to the clients so they need to reply on all the mails that they receive
  • All the client approvals for the entries should come in by the last date for entry submission i.e. 15th oct, 2020

  • The Story Board needs to be submitted in a soft copy only through the online link on in the GIWA section. The Story Board should have the details as per the description of the category and also please note important dos and don’ts as below:

  • Please mention the GIWA category no., GIWA Category Name & the Name of the Wedding Or Wedding title on the Story Board for which the entry is being submitted.
  • Story Board should cover all the possible information regarding the entries according to the criteria given. (Refer to the award categories & descriptions)
  • Please use only New Time Roman font and please don't use less than 10-point size.
  • Please ensure that the name of the agency does not appear anywhere on the Story Board.
  • Please ensure that the file size of the Story Board should not be more than the 20mb.

  • AV’s play a critical role along with your Story Boards
  • There are certain categories in which AV’s are mandatory and without the AV’s the entries will be considered incomplete and hence will be disqualified. Please see the chart below to see in which categories the AV is mandatory or optional.
  • The AV’s should be submitted online only through the online link on along with the Award entry and Story Board.
  • The size of the AV file to be uploaded along with the form should not exceed 100 MB and duration should not exceed 3 mins (please note that the longer videos might not be played beyond 3 min and hence will have a detrimental outcome)
  • Please see the list below to see which categories have to be accompanied by AV

  • Category Code Category Name Story Board AV Client Authorisation
    GIWA 110 Wedding on the year (Over all) Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
    GIWA 120 Best Wedding Reception Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
    GIWA 130 Best Destination Wedding (International) Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
    GIWA 140 Best Destination Wedding (India) Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
    GIWA 150 Magic Moment in the Wedding Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
    GIWA 210 Best Engagement / Ring Ceremony Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
    GIWA 220 Best Sangeet Ceremony Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
    GIWA 230 Best Mehendi Ceremony Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
    GIWA 240 Best Wedding Ceremony Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
    GIWA 250 Best Design & Space Décor Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
    GIWA 260 Best Use of Flowers Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
    GIWA 310 Best Bride & Groom Entry Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
    GIWA 320 Best Food Art & Display Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
    GIWA 330 Best Wedding Moments (Still) Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
    GIWA 340 Best Wedding Moments (Video) Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
    GIWA 350 Best Pre Wedding Photo/Shoot Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
    GIWA 360 Best Entertainment Design & Execution Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
    GIWA 370 Best Wedding Hotel - India Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
    GIWA 410 Best Use of Technology Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
    GIWA 420 Best Wedding Venue- Banquet/Backyard Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
    GIWA 430 Best Wedding Invites Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
    GIWA 440 Best Wedding Make Up Artist Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
    GIWA 450 Best Wedding Hospitality Company Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
    GIWA 510 Best Trousseau Packaging for a Wedding Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
    GIWA 520 Best Family Sangeet Choreography Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory
    GIWA 530 Best Wedding Cake Design Mandatory Mandatory Mandatory

    Deliverable Completed
    Story Board
    A/V (wherever mandatory)
    Client Authorization Details given
    Declaration (included in entry form)
    Signature & Stamp
    Covering Letter (If applicable)